Service Level Agreement


Inet Solutions will endeavour to provide availability to Echidna via the internet 24 hours/day 7 days/week.

Inet Solutions uses the services of a trusted Internet Service Provider and may on occasions be constrained by the service availability of the ISP.

Where possible any foreseeable outages such as server maintenance will be communicated via a message on the login page.

Inet Solutions accepts no responsibility for your organisationís ability to connect to the internet in order to access Echidna.


Help Desk Support

Support is provided via online tutorials in conjunction with the online help desk and Inet Solutions endeavours to respond to all help desk enquiries within 1 business day.

A maximum of two system administrators are nominated for each organisation and help desk enquiries will only be accepted from either of these nominated representatives.

An allowance of 2 hour/month of help desk enquiries is included in the monthly support fee. Any unused portion of this allowance does not accrue for future months.

Your organisationís system administrator will be notified if a request exceeds your monthly allowance and the option will be given to pay for additional support if required.


Where queries relate to enhancement requests to the system, Inet Solutions reserves the right to:


a) incorporate these in a subsequent software release at no additional charge


b) quote for the change to be made, and charge for the enhancement which may then be made available to all users.


c) Decline to make the requested modifications



Regular backups are taken of the data.

If you require restoration of data as the result of a mistake you have made then the ability to meet the request will be dependent on the time lapse between when the error was made and when it was reported to Inet Solutions. If restoration of data is considered possible then a quote will be provided for this service.


While Inetsolutions will make every reasonable effort to meet these service levels, it accepts no liability for any failure to do so.