About Us

The developers of Echidna, have extensive experience in online databases with previous products in the Health Industry being rolled out across Australia.

We are an Australian company that have developed a reputation for providing quality software both in the Health sector and with CRM packages.

Echidna was developed initially in response to the needs of an early childhood intervention provider operating as an NDIA trial site. Other ECI providers rapidly began adopting Echidna and the product developed to meet the specific needs of this sector.

Over the subsequent years Echidna expanded in response to requests from other therapy providers as well as Coordination of Supports, Plan Management and Disability support work.

Echidna is now a leading CRM for both therapy providers and other disability support services.

Echidna is highly customisable to meet the specific requirements of individual organisations. It is also very scalable from small organisations including sole traders, through to large multi-site providers. The Echidna team is very responsive to Help requests and to ensuring that Echidna meets the changing needs of our customers.

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