Frequently Asked Questions

How Secure is the information?
We take security of your information very seriously. All your data is stored on a server with a reputable Internet Service Provider and incorporates features that ensure high availability and automatic failover to redundant hardware if required.
All data transferred from and to Echidna is encrypted using TLS1.2 certification. It is the responsibility of the people given access to keep their passwords private and to maintain the confidentiality of the data they have access to.
The team at Echidna have access to your data but our agreement with you is to only access this data on your request when providing help desk support and this information is treated in the strictest of confidence.
For more information please refer to the Server Security document at the bottom of the Echidna Home Page

Is my data backed up?
Yes, the data is backed up nightly and stored for 60 days. If for some reason you require a portion of your data restored, there may be a charge to provide this service depending on the complexity of the task.

Is there a commitment period for using Echidna?
No - you can cease using Echidna at any time by notifying us. We will then simply cease monthly billing and disable your access. We aim to always exceed your expectations, and believe that once you start using Echidna, you will want to stay with us.

What if we need a feature that Echidna doesn't provide?
We are always looking for ways to improve Echidna. If you have an idea for an enhancement or new feature then we are happy to hear it - simply add it as a help desk request. If we consider that this idea is achievable and will benefit other customers then we will generally include it at no charge. If your request is very specific to your own situation then we may quote this as a site specific modification. In the vast majority of cases the suggestions provided to us are added to the enhancement list and prioritised for implementation as soon as possible at no additional cost.

How is training provided?
Echidna has online training tutorials which enables users to learn about the system in their own time and at their own pace. We also find that in the early implementation stages system administrators often benefit from speaking with our help desk. We have therefore allowed some training time for assistance via Zoom. We find that Zoom is a very useful tool as it enables us to talk over the internet while sharing screens, allowing us to easily demonstrate how to setup Echidna for your specific requirements.

Can I migrate my existing information into Echidna?
Yes. If you can load your existing information into a spreadsheet format, we can generally import it into Echidna for you. This is normally covered by the implementation fee.

Is there a charge for using the Help Desk?
Help Desk support is included in the monthly fee. The Help desk is available for two nominated System Administrators. System Administrators can lodge a request through the help desk and our aim is to respond within one working day. In most cases it will be much quicker. System Administrators can also book a Zoom session to speak directly with the help desk. The training tutorials have been developed to cover most of your questions and we have found that once you are past the initial set up the demand for the help desk is generally quite low, but we are always here to help.

Is Echidna easy to set up and use?
We continually receive feedback on how easy Echidna is to use. It has been designed to enable staff to easily do the tasks they need to do.

Setting up Echidna does take some effort, as you will need to customise the settings to suit your business model. But don't worry, we have video tutorials to explain the process and will assist you and guide you through the set up process. The implementation process is greatly assisted if you have a computer literate administrator with time allocated to work through this process.

Is there a limit on the number of users?
While our pricing is based on the number of Full Time Equivalent staff, we do not restrict the number of users. We do monitor the the number of users to ensure that they are appropriate compared to your advised FTE levels.

Does Echidna Cater for Multiple branches?
You can include multiple office locations on the one system. This will allow your staff to share information across your entire organisation.

How do we make payments and when are they due?
When you sign up, we will send you an Authority Form for Automatic Payments. This allows you to specify the credit card or Australian Bank Account that you wish us to debit for the payments relating to Echidna usage. We will issue you with an initial invoice for the set up fee. Then at the beginning of each month you will receive an automated monthly invoice for that month's fee. Payment in Australian dollars will be automatically deducted within 3 working days from the account or card that you specify. In order to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, your financial details are not keyed into Echidna. Instead, they are entered into a financial institution's payment processing system. This is an additional safeguard to the already significant security built into the application. Inet Solutions do not retain your financial details in an online environment.

If I have fluctuations in staff numbers, can I change my monthly payment more often than the annual review?
If you have a significant change in staff numbers, we will review your monthly payments and would appreciate if you notify us of any significant increase in staff numbers. If your staff numbers only vary by a small percentage then we will pick this up at an annual review.

Is there an interface to my accounting package?
Echidna has options for you to export finance reports to a csv file that can then be uploaded to your accounting package. There are currently standard extracts for Xero & MYOB which are then individually customised to meet the specific requirements of each provider.

I still have more questions - how can I get in touch?
Just click on the Contact Us tab.

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