Pricing is in Australian dollars and is comprised of an intial set up fee and an ongoing monthly fee.

The initial setup fee covers the importing of your data via our specified csv file formats, and online training of your system administrators. For most standard installations this fee is $1,100 GST Inclusive.
The monthly fee covers the technical aspects of hosting an online database, allowing you to enjoy the benefits while happily ignoring the underlying complexities. We organise the hosting of your Echidna database, ensure that your server hardware and bandwidth needs are met, take regular backups of your data, and provide ongoing product development and support. The ongoing monthly fee covers these essential activities.

Pricing varies according to the number of staff using Echidna.
When there are less than 50 staff, then the pricing is based on your Full Time Equivalent (FTE).
e.g. If you have 30 staff each working half time, then this is charged as 15 FTEs. Once there are more than 50 staff, then the license is based on a per seat basis.
e.g. For 60 full time and part time staff, the required license level is 60 seats. The FTE calculation is not used.

The staffing / licence levels are reviewed from time to time. You can include multiple centres in the one Echidna system as long as it is appropriate for all staff to be able access information from each centre.
There is no lock in agreement - you are free to cease paying and stop using the system at any time, although we don't think you will!

Enter your staffing size in FTE's or staff numbers to see your monthly pricing:

Copies of our terms and conditions, privacy policy, and service level agreement are all available on the links below.

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